Embroidery is a decorative and artistic craft in which designs, patterns, and pictures are created by stitching thread onto fabric using a needle. It’s a versatile and time-honoured technique that has been used for centuries to adorn clothing, textiles, and various other materials. Here are some key characteristics and aspects of embroidery:

  1. Needle and Thread: Embroidery is typically done using a special embroidery needle and various types of thread or floss. The thread is passed through the fabric in a variety of patterns to create the desired design.
  2. Decorative Embellishment: Embroidery is primarily used for decorative purposes. It adds intricate, colourful, and textured designs to fabric, making it a popular choice for customising clothing, accessories, home textiles, and more.
  3. Versatility: Embroidery can be applied to a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, silk, denim, and even leather. It’s used on various items such as clothing, hats, towels, tablecloths, and patches.
  4. Types of Stitches: There are numerous types of embroidery stitches, each with its own unique look and purpose. Common stitches include the satin stitch, cross-stitch, chain stitch, and backstitch, among many others.
  5. Traditional and Modern: While traditional hand embroidery remains popular, modern technology has introduced machine embroidery, which automates the process and is commonly used in mass production of embroidered items.
  6. Cultural and Artistic Expression: Different cultures have their own styles of embroidery, often reflecting their unique artistic traditions. Embroidery can be a form of cultural expression, storytelling, and art.
  7. Personalisation: Embroidery is frequently used for personalisation. It’s a way to monogram or add names and custom designs to clothing and accessories, making them unique and special.
  8. Durability: High-quality embroidery is known for its durability. The thread is securely stitched into the fabric, ensuring that the design remains intact, even after multiple washes.


Embroidery is a versatile and creative craft that allows for a wide range of artistic expression.

Typical Use

Heavyweight T’s, Polos, Fleece, Oxfords.

Key Benefits

Most Professional Look for Your Brand.

Retail Look & Feel.

No Up-Charge for Multi Colored Designs.

Full digitising service with attention to detail as a priority.

Sampling service to ensure 100% satisfaction before production.

Quality control of each item to provide perfection.

Design size

Maximum 350mm X 400mm


Best when used on heavier garments.

Typically used for small embellishment.

Production Time

5 days depending on quantity.

Price Factors

Garment style and colour.

Number of EMB Locations.

Order Process

1. Order

Order your desired Vic Bay garments as per usual.

2. Artwork

Send us your artwork in one of the following formats: PNG, JPEG,TIFF and PDF with a minimum resolution of 300dpi.

3. Approval

You will receive a copy or sample for approval, once approved and payment is received you will receive a delivery date.


We also offer DTG printing if embroidery doesn’t serve your needs.

Contact us to speak to your sales executive to place an order today.

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